30s mix – some of my bestest friends are DEAD
mix for my dudes@ndstwtrst (~early 2009):

Some friends die young. Some friends die before you were born and some friends never knew that you are gonna be friends if you had not hit them with a bunch of one shot samples, the Amen & Funky Mule break, guest appearances of MF Doom, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, Björk, Bubba Sparks and some others while doing backward-flips with your M1 abrams, dropping some insane tempi and desperately trying to be serious. Listen to LODSB fail: A rather humorous ride visting cornerstones of LODSB’s major influences

Lodsb-ndstwtrstmix by lodsb

live@temp~festival 2009
Forgot to record it on my own outs – sry, for the uneven mix.

Lodsb live at temp~festival 2009 by lodsb