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VA – Clicks & Cuts 5- paradigm shift (mille-plateaux)

Released: 2010


Vinyl (2×12″), CD, Digital

Available @


Contains the track “eve” from the album “lazer.eyes.love” on the bonus/LP release.

official stmt:

The influential electronic label MILLE PLATEAUX kickstarts it’s newest chapter with it’s flagship: A new edition of the legendary CLICKS & CUTS compilation series, that in fact named it’s own genre. Volume 5.0 (subtitled “Paradigm Shift”) features a totally new generation of young artists giving a 360 degree view on fresh glitch sounds: from Minimal Clicks to IDM-/Dub-ish tracks via Ambient and Sound Art to the 2 ‘Evac’ tracks going to the Artcore and Organic extremes. Each song has it’s own distinct character, and with a significantly higher amount in melodic and compository details than it’s predecessors, this is probably the most musically substantial CLICKS & CUTS compilation ever.

Cocon – Haut & Knochen (No label)

Released: 2009


Vinyl (7″), Digital


Cocon’s beautiful vinyl debut. Thought provoking lyrics, supported by Oscar Ohlson, Playpad Circus & lodsb for the production.

karhu – sinfonia for the blunt sword (Creative Commons)

Released: 2008


Digital, Creative Commons, available for free @ karhumusic.org


At last! Those years of nuclear bomb testing finally paid off – we’re hereby releasing Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword. Yes, it took quite some time – all the music production and composition over the years drove us insane in the end. So here it is, our work of brutal beauty: It’s possibly the soundtrack for taking your M1 Abrams on a lowride in your damned Metropolis before flipping it over your neighbor’s SUV.

Special Thanks go to Sandklang and Audio88

Side note: The album is roughly based on the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang and was originally intended to be an alternative soundtrack for it.